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Meeting people in Japan. Part 2.

I’m always asked how I have managed to meet so many people in Japan. I have been in Japan for almost 7 years, but I know so many people that I have lost track of who I have met and when. I know it sounds bad to forget people that you have met, but once you have experienced what I have, you will understand that forgetting names is part of the aspect of knowing so many people. If you want to learn how I have managed to meet so many people, please lookout for a part 3 of this story. We will start posting YouTube videos on this site and YouTube to experience being in the driver’s seat of an exotic night out in Japan!

More videos will be uploaded to our new YouTube channel soon! Subscriber!


A fight in Japan!

I’m going to reupload this video, but you’re able to see a fight with 2 individuals in Japan in front of a nightclub. The second video will have the commentary to go along with it. Enjoy!!

Click here to check it out on YouTube.

Rurikei’s illumination.

If you have never been to this illumination, we highly recommend it. Over the past few years, this place has become famous in the Kyoto area. If you stay overnight in their hotel, you can see this for free. 

If you have never seen any illuminations in Japan, you must check them out. The lighting is so beautiful at the illumination spots that it is breathe taking. Some places have food stands where you buy a variety of dishes from Japanese food to tandoori chicken.

If you ever travel to Japan in winter, please check out your local illumination spots. Trust us, you will not regret visiting.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Well, we have. It happens quite a bit here in Japan.

img_4910It is not a rare sight to see people lying on the ground sleeping in Japan. Japan is a country that is full of people who like to go out for drinks. Japan also has convenient train systems, so the average person does not have to depend on a car to get home. So if you are waking the streets on a busy evening, you might find a person sleeping outside on the ground. Don’t be alarmed because Japan is a safe country. Most people who sleep on the ground do  it have to worry about thieves. These people will most likely wake with all their personal belongings.
In conclusion, if you ever visit Japan, you do not have to worry about your items being stolen. Even if you have to sleep on the floor in a big city. Keep in mind that there are cameras on almost every street in major cities.

We want to know!

What do you want to see in Japan??? We need your input! We will help as much as we can! Let us know what you want to see, watch, or try! We will let you know how it or they are! 
Thank you for reading. 

Hmm! Yakiniku! Guess what’s inside.

My friend and I went to a Yakiniku restaurant in Osaka. As I said in one in my last posts, never judge food by its appearance. This order included cows heart, liver, stomach lining, intestine, and the usual slices of beef. I have to say that the beef is quite tasty. The taste may surprise you. If you ever travel to Japan, I recommend going to a yakiniku restaurant!



Mysterious submarine bar in Uehonmachi. 

               This is a little bar in Umehonmachi, Osaka. The pictures that are shown are actual images of inside the bar. It actually looks like something out of a video game. When you are inside the bar it appears as if you are inside a submarine. The owner of the shop collected old pieces from a submarine and used them to build his bar.  I apologize for the images, my iPhone was not capable enough to take high quality photos in this place.

              We will add updates later with the name and address of this bar. It is located in Osaka, Japan in Uehonmachi. It is about 10 minutes from Osaka, Uehonmachi station.

Have you ever eaten crab brains?

We went back to Rurikei onsen in Kyoto again. This time, we ate grab and some other delicious food! Believe it or not, it’s actually tasty! I have never tried crab brains until I went to Rurikei! As you can see in the picture, the crab is well prepared! You do not have to spend a lot time cracking open the crab to enjoy its special meat. If you are interested in trying this dish, we recommend trying it!

A small, but relaxing bar in Uehonmachi – Osaka, Japan.

Cache Cache – Wine & Deli is a small bar located near a JR station in Uehonmachi. The owner speaks Japanese, Korean, and English. The atmosphere is very quiet and the prices are reasonable. If you are ever in the area, please feel free to stop by! There is lots of foot traffic because it is located near the station.

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