What would you do if you’d witnessed a man fighting with a woman? In most cases, it’s best not to get involved unless you know the individuals who are involved. I have heard and witnessed countless of stories about the different situations that people have encountered in Japan. In some cases, I have seen people try to defuse situations, but they were attacked by either the man or woman. There are a couple of YouTube videos out there that some people have recorded. There are some cases when my friends have helped out women who were getting beat by their boyfriends and the victims were thankful.

Some people may ask why? Why would a man or women do such things in public? The answer is most people do not get involved in other people’s business. They prefer to call the police or ignore the situation completely. In America, I have witnessed a lot of people who would break up fights because they were around when the situation occurred. Here in Japan, I have witnessed men masturbating in the train, people fighting in public, and people stealing from stores, but no one did nor said anything. Sometimes it is best to stay out of the situation because you do not want to get involved in people’s business because it could be related to the mafia. Another reason to stay clear is because you will be asked to go to a police box or police station many times. Being in a Japanese police box or police station is very time consuming.

Here is a video that I made when I was going home from a bar. I recorded this video at about 3:30 in the morning. Do not judge because the woman was completely wrong in this case. I remember seeing the man with the suitcase begin attacked by the woman. The man picked up a piece of her property that had fallen. He tried to give it back to her, but she attacked in instead. Please check out the video and let me know what you think. WATCH IT HERE