I was out drinking with some of my friends one day when I stumbled across this incident. When I approached them, I thought that the Japanese guys were attacking the foreigner, so I went over to break up the fight. One of the men explained what had happened before I approached the scene. The foreigner tried to talk to some girls that were walking and the Japanese guys tried to tell him to stop. Apparently, the foreigner then became extremely aggravated then proceeded to fight with the Japanese men. I tried to talk to the foreigner, but he was completely defensive and I had to tell him that it was best for him to go home because there are cameras everywhere in Japan.

As I said in my videos, when people come to Japan, act civilized. A lot of foreign people who visit Japan behave like baboons. People in Japan assume that most foreigners  are intelligent and serious about themselves, but in some cases, it’s the complete opposite. I have seen foreigners walking up and down the streets yelling and screaming like animals. I have seen some of them trying to talk to all the girls that were either on their way home, or on their way to a cafe or restaurant. Do not get me wrong, there are some Japanese people who do the exact thing, however, this is Japan. I have seen videos on YouTube of foreign people in America, England, and Australia about natives who had gotten angry at foreign people in their country because they were not doing what the native people in those countries do. So why is it okay for visits or people who are living in Japan to behave like animals? It is completely wrong. I have thousands of friends in Japan, and I have heard this from numerous sources. The image of foreigners is on the decline because of the years of idiotic behavior.

The overall point is, when you visit a country, try to behave like a civilized individual – do not behave like an animal. Not only me, but there are a lot of foreign people in Japan who do not respect some of the foreigners in this country. Let’s try to change the image from a bad image to a good image.

Enjoy the video! WATCH THE FIGHT HERE