Halloween is an exciting event that is celebrated in many countries. Halloween is an even that most people are looking forward to each year. We look forward house parties, trick or treating, club parties, and bar parties. In Japan, the event is getting bigger and bigger each year. These days, more and more people are putting a lot of effort into their costumes. Costumes are sold in most department stores. In addition, people are able to purchase costumes online. It does not matter if you are a resident or if you are here as a tourist, you are able to purchase a costume and celebrate Halloween.

Osaka and Tokyo are two big cities in Japan. Both cities are extremely crowded with people who are out for various reasons. Since both cities are extremely busy, people look forward to spending their Halloween evening in one of the cities. Thousands of people dress up in costumes to enjoy the event until their first trains. Like Vegas, people are able to drink in public which makes the even more intense. In my experience, I have celebrated Halloween in the city of Kobe for many years. Now that Osaka and Tokyo are the most populated cities in their regions, people prefer to celebrate the events on the bigger cities. The streets are blocked off from motor vehicles, so people are able to walk up and down the streets until morning. These are some of the reasons why I prefer to spend Halloween in a major city in Japan.

I have celebrated Halloween in America for many years. How does the holiday different in the country of Japan? Japan is a save country. When I went to Osaka last year to celebrate the holiday, I did not feel any sort of danger considering the amount of alcohol people were consuming. Like any country, there are safe places and dangerous places, but people in Japan are not allowed to possess any weapons. That being said, people are able to go out, have some drinks, and enjoy the event until morning. In addition to being outside, night clubs, bars, and restaurants are open until morning. Some places are filled with people who want to listen to music in their Halloween costumes.

These are the reasons why I really enjoy celebrating Halloween in Japan. If you wear a unique costume, you will get lots of attention. If you are ever in Japan during the month of October, I highly recommend celebrating Halloween in a major city.

Check out this video. https://youtu.be/XOQnYEb7dec