The majority of people who come to Japan have a difficult time accepting the fact that they are foreigners. If you come from a country where it is natural to see people from various nationalities, it will change as soon as you step on foreign soil.

Let us give you some examples. We have a lot of foreign friends who are from various countries. Some of us have similar or different personalities, so the reactions vary depending on the person. For instance, some people in a train may stare at you for a long time without looking away. The average American may not like it because it’s considered offensive to stare at people. I have some friends who have responded negatively once they had realized that someone was staring at them for a long time. On the other hand, some people I know do not mind that people in Japan tend to stare at foreigners.

The advice is, think about the person who is staring at you. A younger person might think that you are a handsome or cute. A lot of people have told me that they were looking at me because they thought that I looked cool. A girl might stare at another girl because they think that the foreign girl looks beautiful, or a Japanese guy may stare at a person because he thinks that the foreigner is cool or a handsome person.

I think you have got the point by now. But just be aware that some people may stare at you because they may think that you are weak. This usually happens in the evening when people are drunk and perhaps want to insult you because you are in their country. It’s important to stay cool and just walk away from the situation because most likely, the police will be on their side if the situation escalates.

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