To answer the question, it is quite easy to make some new friends in Japan. One of the most important things to consider is the language. The majority of the population speaks Japanese – even most foreigners living in Japan can speak the language. But do not worry! If you are traveling to Japan and can not speak the language, do not worry! There is a high percentage of Japanese people who can speak English because they have  studied English and is more than willing to communicate with non-Japanese speakers. Most Japanese look forward to practicing the their English with foreigners. Almost all Japanese people have began to study English from junior high to high school. Others have gone on home stay, studied at a university, or have studied by themselves. In conclusion, if you are either traveling to Japan on vacation, business, or planning to move to Japan, you do not have to worry! There are a lot of people who are able to communicate with foreigners. I will post tips on how to make friends and even make a soul mate! Please subscribe!