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Xex West Osaka Italian restaurant 

For a special occasion this maybe a good place for you to visit. Xex West in Osaka. It’s not a casual place and I believe you should wear something formal. When you call to make a reservation ask about the dress code.

There are 3 different sections of the restaurant, bar section, Japanese section, and Italian section. I went to the Italian part. The waiters and waitresses said things in Italian, but of course they spoke Japanese with the customers. I didn’t check their English ability. However, at an expensive restaurant like that, I’m sure they have someone who can manage. You don’t have to push a button or yell out anything to get their attention, if you look up and want something, someone will rush over to ask what you would like. Yes, it’s that kind of place.

The atmosphere is really nice, which is probably the big selling point of this spacious place. The service is great too with their almost telepathic ability to know when you need something. They also have a good collection of wine, about 2,000 bottles. We went for dinner and had 2 glasses of champagne, 3 appetizers, pizza, pasta, dessert, and 2 coffees. Cost a little over 20,000 yen. I would say that’s reasonable for 2 people for a special occasion.

Post some comments if you want me to post some pictures or follow this link.

Xex West link to Hot Pepper


What would you do if you’d witnessed a man fighting with a woman?

What would you do if you’d witnessed a man fighting with a woman? In most cases, it’s best not to get involved unless you know the individuals who are involved. I have heard and witnessed countless of stories about the different situations that people have encountered in Japan. In some cases, I have seen people try to defuse situations, but they were attacked by either the man or woman. There are a couple of YouTube videos out there that some people have recorded. There are some cases when my friends have helped out women who were getting beat by their boyfriends and the victims were thankful.

Some people may ask why? Why would a man or women do such things in public? The answer is most people do not get involved in other people’s business. They prefer to call the police or ignore the situation completely. In America, I have witnessed a lot of people who would break up fights because they were around when the situation occurred. Here in Japan, I have witnessed men masturbating in the train, people fighting in public, and people stealing from stores, but no one did nor said anything. Sometimes it is best to stay out of the situation because you do not want to get involved in people’s business because it could be related to the mafia. Another reason to stay clear is because you will be asked to go to a police box or police station many times. Being in a Japanese police box or police station is very time consuming.

Here is a video that I made when I was going home from a bar. I recorded this video at about 3:30 in the morning. Do not judge because the woman was completely wrong in this case. I remember seeing the man with the suitcase begin attacked by the woman. The man picked up a piece of her property that had fallen. He tried to give it back to her, but she attacked in instead. Please check out the video and let me know what you think. WATCH IT HERE


Have you ever been to this yakiniku restaurant in Sannomiya? If not, it is a place worth trying!

Do you like yakiniku? There are a lot of yakiniku restaurants in Japan. Since I live in Kobe near Sannomiya, I have been to a lot of yakiniku restaurants in the city of Kobe. Five years ago, one of my friends invited me to eat yakiniku at this restaurant. It was my first time to eat yakiniku at this restaurant. Some of my other friends and students have been to this restaurant.

As you can see, the prices are quire reasonable. The restaurant offers 3 different courses ranging from 80 minutes to 120 minutes. You are able to order as much as you like within those minutes. I have tried all 3 courses and to be honest, the most expensive one was very delicious. It will cost you 4,380 yen for the 120 minute course. You are able to order any of the food that you see here on the menu. This restaurant is located in Sannomiya between JR Sannomiya station and JR Motomachi on Sankita street.

If you are in the area and looking for some good meat, I recommend this restaurant.


A foreigner gets into a fight in Japan.

I was out drinking with some of my friends one day when I stumbled across this incident. When I approached them, I thought that the Japanese guys were attacking the foreigner, so I went over to break up the fight. One of the men explained what had happened before I approached the scene. The foreigner tried to talk to some girls that were walking and the Japanese guys tried to tell him to stop. Apparently, the foreigner then became extremely aggravated then proceeded to fight with the Japanese men. I tried to talk to the foreigner, but he was completely defensive and I had to tell him that it was best for him to go home because there are cameras everywhere in Japan.

As I said in my videos, when people come to Japan, act civilized. A lot of foreign people who visit Japan behave like baboons. People in Japan assume that most foreigners  are intelligent and serious about themselves, but in some cases, it’s the complete opposite. I have seen foreigners walking up and down the streets yelling and screaming like animals. I have seen some of them trying to talk to all the girls that were either on their way home, or on their way to a cafe or restaurant. Do not get me wrong, there are some Japanese people who do the exact thing, however, this is Japan. I have seen videos on YouTube of foreign people in America, England, and Australia about natives who had gotten angry at foreign people in their country because they were not doing what the native people in those countries do. So why is it okay for visits or people who are living in Japan to behave like animals? It is completely wrong. I have thousands of friends in Japan, and I have heard this from numerous sources. The image of foreigners is on the decline because of the years of idiotic behavior.

The overall point is, when you visit a country, try to behave like a civilized individual – do not behave like an animal. Not only me, but there are a lot of foreign people in Japan who do not respect some of the foreigners in this country. Let’s try to change the image from a bad image to a good image.

Enjoy the video! WATCH THE FIGHT HERE

Are the winter and summer seasons dreadful in Japan?

Winter is just a few weeks away. In winter, a lot of festivals and events are held all over Japan. In the city of Kobe, people can enjoy the illumination festival in Kobe. The annual illumination festival is held in memory of the victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake that occurred in 1995. It’s a very beautiful thing to see. In addition to the lighting, you are able to buy food from various food stands.  The event is usually held for 2 weeks in the winter season.

In addition to the illumination festival, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are two days that many people in Japan look forward to. On New Year’s Eve, people celebrate the night in public bars, night clubs, or in the streets in big cities. There hundreds of people in the streets eating food, drinking, and going to a local shrine to pray for the new year. It’s a fantastic sight to see. Children in Japan really love this season because they receive money from family members called, “otoshidama.” Otoshidama is a custom in Japan when children receive money from the adults in their family. I know some children who have received 10,000 yen, or $100.oo on New Year’s Day.

Sounds fun, right? I forgot to mention. If you are into winter sports, there are a lot of mountains in Japan where you can go skiing and snowboarding. I live in Kobe, Japan. There is a mountain in Kobe where people can go skiing. There are a lot of ski resorts in Japan, so you don’t have to travel too far to go skiing.

The winter season in Japan sounds great, right? Well, I’m from California. In most places, in the summer and winter seasons, most places are well air conditioned. I get hot or cold very easily in Japan because my body is used to the climate in California. In Japan, most shops and restaurants refrain from using their air conditioning. A lot of my foreign friends sweat a lot in the winter and summer seasons. Most Japanese people get cold very easily, so most companies, restaurants, bars, trains, and other places tend not to use their air conditioning as much as we expect them to. Even when they use their air conditioning, it may be set at a temperature that may be cool to some people, but it may be cold for the average citizen.

If you are planning to travel to Japan in the summer or winter season, be aware of the temperatures. If you get hot very easily, be sure to bring a lot of deodorant because the deodorant that I used back in america cannot be found in Japan.

Have you tried a rice omelette? 

Have you ever eaten a rice omelette? If not, you should try it! In Japanese, it’s called “Omuraisu.” I took this picture of a rice omelette when I went to a restaurant in Osaka with my friend. The omelette is very delicious. I have eaten a rice omelette with white rice, fried rice, and brown rice. If you’re into cooking, it’s actually to make. There are hundreds of tutorials available on YouTube. If you’re into Japanese food, this is one food that I recommend trying!

Halloween is an exciting event that is celebrated in many countries. Halloween is an even that most people are looking forward to each year. We look forward house parties, trick or treating, club parties, and bar parties. In Japan, the event is getting bigger and bigger each year. These days, more and more people are putting a lot of effort into their costumes. Costumes are sold in most department stores. In addition, people are able to purchase costumes online. It does not matter if you are a resident or if you are here as a tourist, you are able to purchase a costume and celebrate Halloween.

Osaka and Tokyo are two big cities in Japan. Both cities are extremely crowded with people who are out for various reasons. Since both cities are extremely busy, people look forward to spending their Halloween evening in one of the cities. Thousands of people dress up in costumes to enjoy the event until their first trains. Like Vegas, people are able to drink in public which makes the even more intense. In my experience, I have celebrated Halloween in the city of Kobe for many years. Now that Osaka and Tokyo are the most populated cities in their regions, people prefer to celebrate the events on the bigger cities. The streets are blocked off from motor vehicles, so people are able to walk up and down the streets until morning. These are some of the reasons why I prefer to spend Halloween in a major city in Japan.

I have celebrated Halloween in America for many years. How does the holiday different in the country of Japan? Japan is a save country. When I went to Osaka last year to celebrate the holiday, I did not feel any sort of danger considering the amount of alcohol people were consuming. Like any country, there are safe places and dangerous places, but people in Japan are not allowed to possess any weapons. That being said, people are able to go out, have some drinks, and enjoy the event until morning. In addition to being outside, night clubs, bars, and restaurants are open until morning. Some places are filled with people who want to listen to music in their Halloween costumes.

These are the reasons why I really enjoy celebrating Halloween in Japan. If you wear a unique costume, you will get lots of attention. If you are ever in Japan during the month of October, I highly recommend celebrating Halloween in a major city.

Check out this video.


Meeting people in Japan! YouTube

Check it out! Sorry for the echo!!!!!



Why do people stare at me in Japan?

The majority of people who come to Japan have a difficult time accepting the fact that they are foreigners. If you come from a country where it is natural to see people from various nationalities, it will change as soon as you step on foreign soil.

Let us give you some examples. We have a lot of foreign friends who are from various countries. Some of us have similar or different personalities, so the reactions vary depending on the person. For instance, some people in a train may stare at you for a long time without looking away. The average American may not like it because it’s considered offensive to stare at people. I have some friends who have responded negatively once they had realized that someone was staring at them for a long time. On the other hand, some people I know do not mind that people in Japan tend to stare at foreigners.

The advice is, think about the person who is staring at you. A younger person might think that you are a handsome or cute. A lot of people have told me that they were looking at me because they thought that I looked cool. A girl might stare at another girl because they think that the foreign girl looks beautiful, or a Japanese guy may stare at a person because he thinks that the foreigner is cool or a handsome person.

I think you have got the point by now. But just be aware that some people may stare at you because they may think that you are weak. This usually happens in the evening when people are drunk and perhaps want to insult you because you are in their country. It’s important to stay cool and just walk away from the situation because most likely, the police will be on their side if the situation escalates.

This is the part one of the being stared at in Japan, but subscribe to our WordPress or YouTube channel for future videos and posts!

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